TAP  is an indigenous American art form with roots in Irish Step Dancing and African Juba. Rhythm Tap technique is based on the styles of the first generation ‘Hoofers’ of vaudeville, jazz clubs and Broadway with the contemporary exploration of the concert stage. Tradition is taught with an emphasis on musicality, relaxation and individuality.

We are located at

1923 Lockhill Selma Rd Suite 101

in Lockhill Center

Classes are currently offered live on Zoom!

Class recording links are sent out following each class weekly!

Can’t attend the class time that you want? You can still register and receive the links for the class recordings and learn on your own time.

Class Descriptions

Adult Tap Absolute Beginner

Absolute Beginning Class.  Learn The Basic Steps And Vocabulary Of Tap Dance. If You Always Wanted To Try A Tap Class Here’s Your Chance. No Prior Experience Required.

Adult Beginner

Now That You’ve Learned The Basics, This Is The Class To Step Into.  An Easy Pace With An Emphasis On Rhythm In Motion, With A Foundation Of The Basics Taking You Into Rhythmic Combinations And Classic Choreography.

Adult Advanced Beginner

Comfortable With Shuffles And Flaps. Prior Experience Required.  This Class Is  Geared For Those That Want To Learn At A Faster Pace Than The Beginner Class.

Adult Intermediate

Prior Experience Required.  Solid Foundation Of Tap Technique And Vocabulary.  Classic And Traditional Repertory Taught At This Level.

Advanced Tap

Solid Foundation Of Tap Technique, Vocabulary And Music Structure. Exploration Of Traditional And Contemporary Repertory.

RPM Tap Ensemble

San Antonio Based Tap Ensemble Provides Opportunity For Young Hoofers, Ages 12 +, To Work With Some Of The Most Renowned Tap Dance Masters & Choreographers From Around The Country. The Company Provides Educational, Leadership And Performance Opportunities, Exploring This Unique American Art Form And Its Musical Roots. The Ensemble Meets Weekly Under The Direction Of Barbara Phillips.